Progress Reports Going Home October 27th

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Just a heads up that progress reports will be available on Friday, October 27th. You can also check the Jumprope portal at any time. There is a link to the left to access the portal from this page.

Newsletter Sent Home

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On Thursday, 10/19/17, the seventh grade team sent home a newsletter through Infinite Campus for parents to see what has been going on at school this fall. If you had trouble accessing this newsletter, it is attached here!

Field Trip Update & Late Work Policy

posted Dec 12, 2016, 4:50 PM by Nancy Sebert   [ updated Dec 12, 2016, 4:50 PM ]

The field trip has been rescheduled for Thursday, 12/22, the day before vacation starts! Since I already have the permission slips and payment taken care of, I will expect the same for this new date unless I hear from you specifically that your child CANNOT attend. Students need a bagged snack and lunch and are asked to dress nicely for the theater. We are very lucky that the theater group offered to do a new show - let's hope the weather cooperates this time!

Also, the seventh grade teachers would like to improve student work completion and understanding of due dates, so we would like to start practicing the Traip Academy late work policy with the students starting this trimester. If students miss major assessments, they will have two days to communicate with the teacher and make a plan for getting the work done. They will then have two weeks to complete the missing work. We are committed to all students and their success, but we also want them to understand time limits, due dates, and skills that need to be built upon within a timely manner. We will have many reminders for students to develop their independent learner skills and communicate effectively with their teachers about making up missing work.

The Seventh Grade Team

Strength Day coming up next Wednesday, 12/7/16

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Students were asked to identify a strength, spark, or interest that they wanted to showcase for their peers and the time for that showcase is NEXT WEDNESDAY! On the early release day, we will block out two periods of the day to have students present and experience expertise in a variety of areas, such as sports skills, musical talents, love of cooking and baking, computer skills, and many other unique interests.

Field Trip December 5th!

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Permission slips have gone home for our field trip on December 5th to the Chamber Repertory Theatre production of ENCORE! This production is five classic short stories performed by just five actors - it's amazing! Students will experience both the stage production and the written form of these stories by the end of the year.

November Newsletter

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We are sending this newsletter home through IC email, but you can also access the document under Team Forms & Docs.

School Dance!! Hosted by the 7th grade

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We will be having a Halloween Dance on October 21st from 7 - 9 pm. Students are allowed to wear costumes that are school appropriate, but no masks that cover their faces. The cost is $5. Glow bracelets and snacks and drinks will be sold as well. All profits will be put toward our field trips this year.

Progress Reports October 21st

posted Oct 19, 2016, 5:42 AM by Nancy Sebert   [ updated Oct 19, 2016, 5:42 AM ]

Students will be bringing home progress reports on Friday, October 21st.

Parent Conferences October 25th and November 3rd

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Emails were sent on Friday, October 14th, with information about signing up for parent conferences. If you did not receive the email or would like further information, please contact your student's homeroom teacher and we'll get you signed up!!

September News

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Sent home through IC emails on 9.30.16

30 September 2016

Dear Families of Seventh Graders,

In order to promote more communication between school and home, we are writing a monthly update about our team, classes, and general school information. This information will also be posted on our team website at

General School Information:

*First School Dance TONIGHT - Friday, 9/30/16 from 7 - 9 pm.

*Laptops are allowed to go home! If students and families attended a laptop meeting, got insurance, and students passed the laptop test with a 100%, students will be taking laptops home any night they wish.

*Next Wednesday, 10/5/16, is an early release day. Students will be dismissed at 1 pm.

*Next Friday, 10/7/16, there is no school for students. Teachers have a workshop day.

*Monday, 10/10/16, there is no school in honor of Columbus Day.

*Please check agenda books with your student(s). This is a positive habit and helps remind students that they are responsible for their schoolwork.

Science: Students do a warm up each class. They will have any open notebook quiz at the end of every month.  I am trying out Google Classroom for reminders and assignments. Please be sure to check out my website if you have not done so.  We have been learning about the inquiry process and have just finished our first lab.  We are working on understanding the pieces of a formal lab report.

Math: We have started the year off with our Integers Unit.  The focus of this unit is understanding and developing systematic ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative numbers.  We are using our Glencoe Math Curriculum as a resource this unit, while also having daily class discussions and doing supplemental activities to check for student understanding.

Remember to check in with your students throughout the week about their Weekly Math Homework that they are given in class on Monday and turn in on Friday.​  Lastly, having conversations at home about balancing a checkbook, temperature changes, etc. relate very well to our discussions around positive and negative numbers.

Social Studies: Mr. Williams is excited to be working with this group of kids and the year is off to a great start. We have started the year on Culture and Geography. They have a Social Studies notebook, so be sure to look at what they are studying. Students have chosen a country that they will research thoroughly. Their first oral report is due on October 18th. They will be making a map and telling their classmates about their country’s geography. It would be very beneficial if they practiced in front of you and you could given them some constructive criticism. Also, your student brought home a letter about the Family Research book they are putting together. Learning targets can be found on Mr. Williams’ website.

Language Arts: The big picture ~ helping students become effective communicators is the goal of this class. Each lesson is connected to helping students understand that audience, purpose, organization, details, and voice matter, and that their word choice (vocabulary) and grammar are dependent on their audience and purpose. We will be doing lots of reading, writing, and presenting which help students find different ways toward that goal of becoming a more effective communicator. Our first project that appears on students’ lockers was a measure of how students follow directions, meet deadlines, use class time, and understand themselves as learners. With all of this data, we can meet them where they are and move forward. If you have not seen a goal setting homework assignment and syllabus to be signed, please check in with your student. Finally, your student will be asked to complete “baby steps” periodically which are connected to the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, which we read in school over the course of the year and try to practice through the baby steps.

Other UPCOMING Events:

7th grade sponsored dance October (21?)

Field Trip to Encore! (5 short stories performed on stage) December 5

Lots more learning!


The Seventh Grade Team

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